Organic and natural food delivery to your home and office in Johannesburg

How it works?

Very easy!


1. Select your delicious food


  • fruit & veg: organic if possible
  • grassfed meat: no growth hormones, no routine antibiotics
  • dairy: straight from the farm
  • deli: pesto, pate, quiche, cold meats
  • healthy meals: soups, starters, mains



2. Home Delivery


  • Delivery days: Tuesday to Friday
  • Free delivery on orders above R800
  • Free collection at Dolci, Craighall Park
  • Delivery arrives between 14h-17h



3. Enjoy


  • Much fresher than your supermarket, you taste the difference
  • Help support a better environment
  • Save time and enjoy convenience of home delivery
  • Service: not happy with the quality, we'll replace it

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